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How To Win Business In 2018 - Selling Skills For Small Business

Guaranteed to win you more business, more of the time.

Are you struggling to win new business? Is your website not generating any leads? Winning and keeping customers requires a particular set of skills. Having done extensive research into this, we have developed a sales process that will double your sales within 12 months!

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During this half day workshop, you will identify the techniques needed to win more sales and develop the skills needed to build strong relationships with customers. Key topic areas include:

  • How To Gain & Retain You Customers Attention - Needs and added value, not wants and features
  • Managing The Sales Process
  • Lead Generation - The top five strategies used in 2017 to generate leads
  • How To Convert Leads Into Sales
  • How To Motivate Customers

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Don't take our word for it, check out testimonials from our previous clients:

Maria-Clare - Something Angelic

"I really enjoyed the Sales Skills workshop. The contents was good and covered all aspects that I needed. I also had a chance to use what I had learnt later that evening at a business meeting I went to. A chap needed ideas on sales issues, so I told him about the workshop and what I had learned that morning, he said he would use it and that it should help."

Mark Harrop - Bennett's Commercial Insurance

"Geoff's relaxed and engaging delivery kept me interested throughout. Geoff's hints on preparation, KYC (know your client), offering a USP (particularly this) and on closing a sale... all good. I would strongly recommend this course to any new start-up or small business!"

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