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At K3 Consulting, we believe that ambition by itself is less valuable than when it's wrapped in entrepreneurial skills. So much so, we've spent the last 7 years developing exciting, impactful training courses, e-books and other resources to help small business owners acheive success!

We provide powerful, ground-breaking training in the following:

  • Starting A Business - Turning your idea into a reality, and survivng the first five years
  • Negotiation - Modern day tactics and ploys used by small businesses to get to YES!
  • Procurement - Strategies and techniques used within 2017 guaranteed to save you money and add value
  • Social Media - How to successfully use LinkedIn to win business in 2017

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Don't worry, as all of our intensive courses are delivered within half a day!

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Turning Your Idea into a Reality

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How to Get Seen & Heard in 2017

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How to Network Like a #Boss

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Getting to YES!

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"I would recommend this crash course in business planning to any start-up. The number one mistake that I made when setting up my business was failing to write a plan first!!! However, this workshop was brill and I now have a great plan in place! Money well spent."

-Josh Knight - e-Paw Limited

"I really enjoyed the Sales Skills workshop. The contents was good and covered all aspects that I needed. I also had a chance to use what I had learnt later that evening at a business meeting I went to. A chap needed ideas on sales issues, so I told him about the workshop and what I had learned that morning, he said he would use it and that it should help."

-Maria-Clare - Something Angelic

"Geoff's relaxed and engaging delivery kept me interested throughout. Geoff's hints on preparation, KYC (know your client), offering a USP (particularly this) and on closing a sale... all good. I would strongly recommend this course to any new start-up or small business!"

-Mark Harrop - Bennett's Commercial Insurance

"I found the workshop very interactive. In my view it was relevant directly and indirectly for business, work or even in everyday life! I would recommend this course to anyone who is currently attending networking events - there is always room to improve! Well done K3."

-Samir Kotecha - Elegance Star

"The workshop gave me a lot of useful tips for networking which will definitely help me communicating with other people and creating useful connections. Geoff did a great job at making the workshop engaging. Thank you K3!"

-Sarah Payne - The Digital Design House

"I would like to take this opportunity to express to anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of LinkedIn, to spend a day with Steve Mills. I have to be honest and say that I was skeptical at first and thought it was just another money making offer. But having paid my money and attended the training course, I was impressed and I came away feeling content that my money had not been wasted and that I felt empowered to use LinkedIn as part of my future marketing avenues."

-Paul Peasley - Apex Plumbing Services & AD-vent Marketing Keys

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