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Welcome to K3 Consulting

Your local training provider, delivering professional training programmes in Basingstoke

At K3 Consulting, we believe that ambition by itself is less valuable than when it's wrapped in entrepreneurial skills.

So much so, we've spent the last 9 years developing exciting, impactful training courses, e-books and other resources to help small business owners acheive success!

We provide powerful, ground-breaking training in the following:

  • Starting A Business - Turning your idea into a reality, and survivng the first five years
  • Negotiation - Modern day tactics and ploys used by small businesses to get to YES!
  • Procurement - Strategies and techniques used within 2018 guaranteed to save you money and add value
  • Social Media - How to successfully use LinkedIn to win business in 2018
  • Modern Day SlaveryThe risks of modern slavery and how to maintain due diligence

Tight on time?

Don't worry, as all of our intensive courses are delivered within half a day!

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"I would recommend this crash course in business planning to any start-up. The number one mistake that I made when setting up my business was failing to write a plan first!!! However, this workshop was brill and I now have a great plan in place! Money well spent."

-Josh Knight - e-Paw Limited

Some of the companies we work with...